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Hooraaaay first post of the year!

I just want to announce the "grand opening" of my blog. I've made a few blogs earlier back in the day however I wasn't active and my usernames were a bit childish so now ©LotusLovee is up and running. I promise I'll post on a weekly basis or a couple of weeks at the very latest; that is if I have something to share with you all. I'm overwhelmed with joy because I've always wanted to be an active blogger. It's tons of fun and you can post whatever you want. (◕‿-)

Why did I choose the name Lotus Love with an extra E? Well I thought it was unique enough until the availability for Lotus Love without the extra E was slim to none. THE BIG reason for that is because someone had already thought of it, and here I am thinking I'm slick rick and creative. (✖╭╮✖)  Second point: it has double consonants which makes the name catchy, so it becomes more memorable to my readers. ¬) Bleh I wish I had thought of it first, or started this earlier. Then would I have full rights to LotusLove after I buy my domain name. (╥_╥)

Now the symbolic meaning of a lotus varies from culture to culture. It is universally accepted as the symbol of estranged love. Theoretically and philosophically, the lotus flower is grown in muddy swamps of India which symbolizes that even in worst situations; one can pull through and make the best of it. Metaphorically, that depiction exemplifies my life. Even though I'm quite different from any other person, everyone has their stories. To be honest with you, I love this analogy. There isn't any other way to describe ones existence. Everyone has their dark times and their bright times. You just have to make the best of it, which is the essence of all living things.

First and foremost, I'm saving up to purchase an SLR camera. So I can provide you guys with high quality pictures instead of my lousy iPhone 5 quality photos. Normally people give themselves a budget, but the camera that I had in mind was the Nikon D5200. I've heard great reviews about it and it is indeed the latest model of the Nikon(s). Being the person I am, I always want the best of the best; unless I know I can't get it I'll settle for second or third and so forth. (∩) I love photography, that’s why I made this blog so that my photography and writing skills in conjunction. I'd have to say my best attribute has got to be my creativity. It's about time to put my expertise to work, and my hobbies into action. (▂⋌)

What about you?
what was your first camera?

A Little Glimpse of my life!


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